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Board of Governors
Jim Fenwick,  President
Dave McMullen,  Tournament Director

Other Board Members

John Cullen
Kevin Tucker    
Pat Walker    
Les Carney
Leroy Martin
John Foss
("A" Tournament Director)
Pat Burridge
("B" Tournament Director)
Steve Piesciuk
("C" Tournament Director)

Summit Senior Golf of Akron
(formerly GSSGA)
Volunteer Opportunity
or call Linda Buchanan at 330-245-2302

April, 2015

Hello fellow Senior Golfers of Akron,

What a terrible winter, very, very cold but I see grass and it couldn't be too soon.

NOTE: There was an error in zip code in the entry forms previously found on the website. The entry forms are now correct. If mailing, please be sure to mail tournament entry forms to: SSGOA, PO Box 5409, Akron, OH 44334

 For the 2015 season:
• Same breakdown of divisions with A Div. at 24 point quota or more, B Div. between 18-23 and C Div. at 17 or less
• Good Park has been added back on to our schedule and we will play 11 tournaments in each division plus the Division Champions tournament.
• New: Qualifying for the season ending Division Champions tournament for individuals will now be flighted within each division, allowing a broader spectrum of players the chance to qualify. We encourage all of you to play in at least 4 of the 5 quota tournaments to have a chance at qualifying.
• Range finders are again permissible
• You may "play up" to next division. Please let me know your intentions.
• There will be optional skins games at tournaments ($20/team entry).

 You can find the following on our website:
• A link to rules for tournament play is on the Tournaments page.
• A link to entry forms for all tournaments for all divisions is on the Home page and on the Tournaments page.

 Fred Martin regained the John Seaburn Award (Player of the Year) for the 3rd time.

 I am pleased to announce that John Foss will return as the A Division tournament manager. Pat Burridge will also return to the B Division and Steve Piesciuk to the C Division. Kevin Tucker will again be assisting me in many areas and am glad to see him return.

 I look forward to seeing all of you at the tournaments.

Dave McMullen, Tournament Commissioner

 Fellow Members,

Welcome to the 2015 season. We have retained the ten courses on last year's schedule and added Good Park this year. The course was in excellent condition at the end of the 2014 season. Dante has promised us earlier starting times which will allow all three divisions to play there. Good Park will be added to the courses available for the $24 green fees with your Membership Card. This will give us 11 tournaments for each division and a total of 34 events in 2015, including the season ending Division Champions tournament.

 SSGOA membership dropped to 460 players last year. That leaves room for 40 to 50 new members. That will allow us to continue competing in three flights in each division. As an incentive to reach our membership goal, we will credit existing members $20 off your membership for sponsoring a new member. The new member must send his membership fee in first with your name on their completed membership form as their referral. Then Dave will contact you and verify your $20 or zero membership fee, in the case or two referrals.

Foxy Golf in Akron will sponsor our pre-season gathering featuring the traditional raffle and in store discounts. You may pick up your membership card at Foxy by bringing your completed form (download link below) and fee (cash or check) to the store or by mailing your form and fee in advance. Due to limited parking we will be there for a four hour span on several days. We will time the dates as weather permits the courses to open so you can take advantage of the $24 card and not have to wait until your first tournament to receive it.

Thanks to our generous sponsors ( SUMMIT TOYOTA - SPA/CPA -FOXY GOLF - PRIME 93 ), we distributed $20,000 over and above the $66,000 included in your entry fees for 3300 tournament rounds, totaling $86,000 in prize awards. Growth in our membership for 2015 will increase those numbers.

If you have any changes to your email address, please contact Dave ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Kevin ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to update our database.

I am looking forward to another great year for our organization!

Jim Fenwick

President SSGOA




Membership Forms:

2015 Membership Form and Schedule PDF Document

2015 Membership Form and Schedule Word Document


Tournament Rules:

SSGOA Rules for Tournament Play Pdf


Note: If you downloaded the entry forms before Thursday, April 2nd, you need to download a revised form below.


Tournament Entry Forms:

A Division 2015 Entry Forms PDF Document

A Division 2015 Entry Forms Word Document

B Division 2015 Entry Forms PDF Document

B Division 2015 Entry Forms Word Document

C Division 2015 Entry Forms PDF Document

C Division 2015 Entry Forms Word Document


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